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5 reasons why you will love Knauf's K-Spec tool

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Knauf’s K-Spec tool has been developed in-house by our team of technical specialists, making it easy for you to specify our wall and ceiling systems for your next project. As an architect, specifier or builder you cannot afford to miss out on the benefits of this service brought to you by Knauf.

Here’s why:

1. It is free and for everyone

It’s free to register for Knauf’s K-Spec tool. All you need to do is to setup a password protected account and you will gain access to your own profile, with all your projects neatly listed. You do not have to be an existing Knauf client or customer to make use of the service. K-Spec is a valuable tool for all architects, specifiers and builders, but anyone can register to make use of the program. You only need to register once, and all your project information will be safely and confidently stored on the platform. You can access your K-SPEC projects from any device and anywhere, you just need a modern browser and internet.

2. It makes specification easy

K-Spec helps you to specify the right wall and ceiling systems that meet your project specific needs. Knauf’s Blueprint Technical Manual is a comprehensive source of information on all our products and systems, their performances when it comes to fire ratings, acoustic ratings, etc., but finding the right system to suit your project can be time consuming. K-Spec does the hard work for you. Simply enter the project requirements and the program will guide you through choosing the most cost effective solution from our wide range of systems. You can add all the required wall and ceiling types under your specific project and spill out your K-Spec proposal with a click of a button. You can attach associated product data sheets and test reports automatically.

3. It is customisable

In addition to Knauf’s System Selector, K-Spec includes a System Maker for you to create and edit your own system. This means that you can put together your own specific wall and ceiling components out of large range of products if there is not an existing Knauf system that ticks all the boxes.

4. It is project specific 

Knauf K-Spec’s System Selector not only will help you to find the right Knauf System to match your individual project specific architectural requirements, but you can also find and specify a suitable framing system from the range of Knauf non-load bearing lightweight steel frame options for the selected system. K-Spec takes that one step further because it’s been designed for the complete wall and ceiling systems. This means that K-Spec will help you to create to proposal document for your entire project with everything saved together under one unique project ID.

5. It is linked to BIM

Using Knauf’s Revit Add-In, you can add your K-SPEC project in to your BIM project, just with a click of a button.


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